What type of leader are you? Leadership with the Enneagram & PAEI roles

Learn the tools that will allow you to accelerate the performance of your team and your own personal and professional development.

If you're a leader and think you've read enough books and taken enough leadership courses don't stop until you've added this course to your toolbox. When you thought that nothing could surprise you anymore, get ready for the depth and power of the Enneagram and the PAEI roles.

There will be a before and after, since this model has the power to sync with any methodology that you are currently using in your organization.

The program will allow you to:

  • Know yourself and discover your leadership style.

  • Learn the 9 ways to achieve healthy leadership according to the Enneagram.

  • Understand the 4 PAEI leadership roles and how they predict effective leadership - and management dysfunctions according to the missing roles.

  • Create a culture of commitment and accountability in your team, where people take responsibility and work with passion to achieve goals, take corrective action when necessary, and celebrate success with enthusiasm.


Develop the critical competencies for success in today's team leadership.

Discover your natural leadership style, its strengths, and opportunities for improvement and improvement


One day training live face-to-face (can be splitted into multiple days asĀ needed).

For up to 30 participants in one group.

Investment: $7,300

Prerequisite: All participants have took the MIOS Assessment, andparticipated in the foundational training "Complementary Teams with theEnneagram and Adizes PAEI roles".