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The power of personality types

Discover Madanes' Enneagram and PAEI series of assessments, coaching programs and certifications. 

The Madanes' EnneaRoles Assessment: personal development on steroids. 

The EnneaRoles assessment unlocks the full potential of each leader and team member because it's the first tool of its kind that is grounded in both psychology, evidence-based coaching and solid managerial theory. 

Yes, it is possible to be sensitive, human and inclusive - while creating high-performing teams that work with great enthusiasm and energy and achieve organizational goals. 

MIOS Training for HR professionals

Whether you are in an HR role, leading a division within an organization, or a consultant in private practice, you can benefit from learning how to administer the MIOS Assessment, a powerful tool for developing people and teams who are happier, more fulfilled and productive. From pre-hiring to leadership promotion and development, the MIOS helps you with a variety of needs: selection, development, retention, promotion and identification of high-potential employees, team-building, communication and much more. 

Our classic international training is now available fully online. 

Fully compatible with Robbins-Madanes

Most assessments in the market today were developed by industrial psychologists in the 1970’s and 1980’s. The MIOS is the first assessment compatible with the psychological-coaching approach of Robbins-Madanes’ 6 Human Needs Theory and the most rigorous evidence-based coaching science. Yechezkel Madanes, the MIOS creator, is the Head of Global Research at the International Association of Coaching.  

What is your inner style?

Discover your identity (self-concept), the vision of the world and the motivations that drive your behavior. Based on a proprietary research model on the Enneagram of Personality that crosses the Enneagram with the Adizes PAEI roles and the Robbins-Madanes 6 Human Needs, the MIOS helps you understand why you think, feel and act in a unique way.   

What is your outer style?

What are the unique gifts that you can contribute to a team? What is your leadership style? What are the roles that you feel attracted to perform, and which roles are less attractive to you? Along the organizational lifecycle, what is your preferred stage to lead, and which one represent a stretch? 

Discover how your Enneagram personality type manifests in the world through the Adizes PAEI roles.  

The models upon which the MIOS is based are trusted by Fortune 500 brands