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What the experts are saying about our work

ANTHONY ROBBINS, New York Times best-selling author of Awaken the Giant Within and Unlimited Power.

"Anthony Robbins recommended us to his over 2 million followers in Twitter (watch it here). This is what he wrote about our work in Twitter: “To succeed as a leader you must uncover the belief system that shapes your decisions. Powerful tools for transformation!”

DON RISO & RUSS HUDSON, co-authors of the international best-sellers Personality Types and The Wisdom of the Enneagram.

“The beauty of this new Enneagram and Coaching book is how the authors have created a non-pathologizing methodology that recognizes both our humanness and our spiritual core. They continuously draw on the wisdom of all three Centers in their process for helping clients become unstuck. They also clearly emphasize the more life-embracing sides of type, and include type-specific guided meditations and practices that are grounded in presence and self-awareness. We highly admire the spirit and depth of their approach to coaching with the Enneagram.”

KEN BLANCHARD, Ph.D., New York Times best-selling author of The One Minute Manager® and Great Leaders Grow

“Good leaders know the importance of relationships to a healthy organization. From Stuckness to Growth will raise your awareness as a leader.  Knowing how each individual’s unique personality type drives his or her behavior will improve the value of every interaction and relationship in your workplace.  Every leader should keep this book nearby and refer to it often.”

Professor ICHAK ADIZES,  world renowned authority in organizational transformation, President, Adizes Institute of California.

“Throughout  my  career  of  over  forty years  I’ve  seen  all  kind  of  management fads come and go. Perhaps the common denominator of these temporary fads is that they offer “one-size-fits-all” solutions together with unrealistic promises of “total transformation” of your personality and behavior. Against the trend of canned approaches  that  keep  plaguing  the  market  suggesting  ungrounded approaches to today’s managers’ challenges, here is a methodology that goes counter-current.  The Madanes’  approach  is  innovative  and  intellectually stimulating as well as professional and practical. It will challenge you not only to think but also to act out of the box.”

— DR.CLOE MADANES, master trainer of psychotherapists, best-selling author of Strategic Family Therapy, Behind the One Way Mirror and Relationship Breakthrough.

“Identifying your clients’ personality styles in the Enneagram will help you understand their model of the world and how this model shapes their every decision. Discovering one’s type allows us to break free of the limitations of personality and unlock our unique gifts and potential. It allows us to become aware of our natural resources and strengths and also our unique challenges. Yechezkel Madanes describes the negative cycles that each personality type is unconsciously stuck in, and the ways to break through and be fully present in life. What is best about his work is its practical emphasis: it’s full of empowering strategies that can be applied right away with your clients. Every therapist, coach and everyone in the helping professions needs to read this book. You will not only get your clients unstuck and growing but you will get unstuck and grow yourself.”

DARIO NARDI, Ph.D., UCLA professor and author of Neuroscience of Personality

“This practical, fluff-free coaching guide integrates the Enneagram, Human Needs psychology, and Jungian concepts in a single, easy-to-use guide. In the spirit of learning by doing, the authors open with an overview and then provide step-by-step templates and tips for working with clients of various types. I love how Madanes incorporates the Myers-Briggs preferences to better notice individuals’ unique needs and differences. At the same time, From Stuckness to Growth helps the coach or therapist keep key principles and good practices in mind. This is a wonderful resource for use with clients and also for oneself!”

MARY BAST, Ph.D., coach mentor and co-author of Out of the Box: Coaching with the Enneagram

“From Stuckness to Growth provides a much-needed solution to the tendency of coaches and coaching literature to over-emphasize concrete results and ignore the underlying patterns that keep people stuck. This book is especially robust in its integration of the Enneagram, Jungian psychology – the familiar MBTI, and Human Needs Psychology – developed by Dr. Cloé Madanes and Tony Robbins. For many years, the MBTI and the Enneagram have informed my adaptation of Ericksonian methods to coaching, and I’ve learned much from Dr. Madanes’ brilliant interventions as a psychotherapist. So I feel very much at home with the approach these authors delineate and how well they satisfy the subtitle’s promise: How to Read Your Coachees and Transform Their Lives”.

DONNY EPSTEIN, Founder of Network Spinal Analysis, author of The 12 Stages of Healing, Healing Myths, Healing Magic

“Inspiring is the word I feel best describes this invaluable work! The Madanes have crystallized a training system based upon the typology of the Enneagram and the Robbins-Madanes technologies. There is no intention to pathologize, make wrong, go back or fix. Applying acceptance, rather than denial or competition with one’s nature, From Stuckness to Growth methods will spark momentum for your clients and kindle celebration of the potential for individual reorganization.”

TOM CONDON, author of The Enneagram Movie & Video Guide and The Dynamic Enneagram: How To Work With Your Personality Style To Truly Grow and Change

“Excellent, smart and essential. From Stuckness to Growth is a well-organized, finely detailed synthesis of the Enneagram and MBTI and their complementary insights. The book is clearly written with considerable emphasis on direct, practical applications to helping people change. These include useful scripts, detailed instructions and case studies that will effectively address the needs of both coaches and their clients.”

MICHAEL GOLDBERG, author of The Nine Ways of Working and Travels with Odysseus

From Stuckness to Growth is a mindful, original, wide-ranging synthesis of the Enneagram with Jung’s personality work and Human Needs Psychology. The authors, drawing on their considerable experience as coaches, see through behavior to underlying patterns; the focus throughout is pragmatic and change oriented. There is much hands-on guidance for working with persons of each type, along with practical exercises.”

DEBORAH OOTEN, Ph.D., past President International Enneagram Association and CEO, Conscious Dynamics LLC

"From Stuckness to Growth by Madanes is quite possibly the best coaching book I have read. Their “seven reasons why the Enneagram works as a coaching tool” helps to frame the way a coaching session might evolve. The section on the instincts clearly delineates and speaks to the “multiple I’s” that we each utilize in our strategy for survival and success in the world. The Madanes’ have outlined coaching strategies for each type in a rich, deep and meaningful way. Finally, I thoroughly agree with the “coaching protocols” that they suggest for each type. I consider this book a must read for anyone doing coaching, therapy or spiritual direction.”

JANE KISE, Ph.D., executive coach and author of Differentiated Coaching; past President Association for Psychological Type International (APTI)

"Coaches can never have too many tools in their kit—and From Stuckness to Growth is a grounded, practical, yet robust addition. Study it for a deeper understanding of how personality types affect our pursuit of core needs, resulting in different detours or even dead ends in the journey toward meaning and purpose. Use it to ponder the patterns in how you might misinterpret clients because of type differences and then tailor your coaching moves in ways that will resonate with each individual. Keep it nearby as a handy reference for insights into changing your style to meet their needs.”

CAROLYN BARTLETT, LCSW, author of The Enneagram Field Guide: Notes on Using the Enneagram in Counseling, Therapy and Personal Growth

“In From Stuckness to Growth, Madanes offers an excellent resource for anyone utilizing the Enneagram to support change and personal growth. This well written and organized book explores how type may be influenced by Jungian preferences and Covey’s principles as well as the authors original framework for recognizing motivational patterns. Best of all the authors scrupulously avoid the limits of pathology and overgeneralization.”

JANET LEVINE, Enneagram author and expert on Enneagram applications to education and parenting

“This book fills a niche in both Enneagram and coaching literature. It provides thorough background information on Human Needs Psychology, explains exactly how our mindsets develop a rigid worldview and how we can become “unstuck”. Part Three offers practical and immediately accessible advice for coaches using the Enneagram in their practice.  The authors have spent many years perfecting this methodology. Their book is a practical guide that will be invaluable to all coaches, and anyone interested in helping others understand themselves.”

KATHERINE CHERNICK FAUVRE, & DAVID FAUVRE, MA, Founders of Enneagram Explorations & Fauvre Research

“From Stuckness to Growth is an exceptionally well written book that makes it easy for coaches to learn helpful ways of using the Enneagram as a tool for change with their clients”.