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Type Eight

The Commander

Eights are strong, direct, and power-oriented people who are natural leaders.

At their best, they have a constant need for taking the initiative and making things happen. They face challenges head-on and encounter trouble with firmness. They are strong, decisive, determined, industrious, entrepreneurial, persistent, and tenacious. Their groundedness makes them realistic and practical, people with very good intuition.

They have a very strong tendency to independence and self-sufficiency, always preferring to be in the lead rather than being a follower. They have a very strong will, and in pursuing their vision they don’t let social conventions or the opinions of others pressure them. They are honest and direct, don’t adapt to the expectations of others, and don’t let others’ criticisms influence them or change their mind.

They are charismatic leaders whom others look up to and follow. They are quiet yet strong, and they may have a powerful presence even when silent. Paradoxically, the less they use and display their power when they could have used it, the stronger they are perceived by others.

Although they are strong and may seem hardened and rock-like at times, they have deep feelings and they use whatever power they may have to magnanimously help and protect the weak. They strive for justice and truth, and make those in their circle of trust feel well protected.

In the Stuckness Zone, they begin perceiving life as a battle. This causes them to automatically focus their attention on issues of power and control. This focus determines their approach to life, as follows:

First, they believe they must harden themselves and at the same time hide their vulnerabilities in order not to be taken advantage of. In their attempts to avoid being perceived as weak, they neither negotiate nor back down from their decisions. This results in a “my way or the highway” attitude. They want to be feared and respected. They may adopt an accountability frame of mind and become revengeful against those they perceive as enemies. At the same time, they will only respect worthy opponents—those who stand their ground.

Second, they may feel compelled to dominate and control their environment “before it controls them.” They try to impose order and structure on every area of their life.

Third, their communication is direct, straightforward and often blunt, abrupt, confrontational, aggressive and “in your face.” They may have a sharp antisocial attitude. Anger and its direct expression is a hallmark of Eights under stress. Denying and bullying attitudes may be present too.

Fourth, an “all-or-nothing” tendency dominates their thinking (especially regarding power issues): you are either respected or disrespected, strong or weak, independent or dependent, dominating or controlled, trusted or not trusted.

As a result of the above-mentioned four points, Eights will often advance in their quest for independence and strength, but often at too high a price. Their personal and professional relationships will inevitably suffer. And their excesses exact a toll on their bodies as well: they become too tense, angry, reactive, and driven to exhaustion.