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People are the most important asset of any organization. One of the most costly mistakes for the organization occurs when a position and the ideal candidate to fill it are not well defined. Making a mistake in the selection of a candidate affects, on the one hand, the very high costs of training and compensation and, on the other, with the negative impact on the rest of the staff and the productivity of the team.


  • Provide the tools and techniques for candidate selection using the Enneagram competency model and PAEI roles.

  • Identity staffing needs in the different areas of a company according to the Enneagram and PAEI competency model.

  • How to define the profile of a position to be filled using the Enneagram and PAEI competency system.

  • Complementary teams: how to detect which skills are necessary in the new candidate to complement those already existing in the team.

  • How to define, using the Enneagram and PAEI roles, the culture of the team and the company where the new candidate will be integrated-toguarantee maximum compatibility.

  • The Enneagram interview and Adizes roles: the different stages of the interview. Reading candidates' body language cues and speaking styles.

  • How to administer and interpret the Enneagram test and PAEI roles.

  • How to Interview for PAEI Competencies through effective questions.

  • Using the MIOS assessment and the feebdack process, how to quickly find out whether a candidate has the competencies necessary to be effective in the position. The MIOS measures a candidate PAEI roles (outer style) and Enneagram type (Inner motivational style) and compares it against the particular job description.

  • Learn how to create better job descriptions with PAEI, understanding the particular needs of your projects in terms of departmental functions and lifecycle stage.

Practical workshop

Teaching format: Practical course-workshop that allows the development of specific interview skills for the investigation of competencies.

During the workshop, activities and practical exercises will be carried out to apply the knowledge acquired in the training.

Get feedback on your interviewing techniques, feel the process from within; work with case studies.


One day training live face-to-face (can be splitted into multiple days as needed).

For up to 30 participants in one group.

Investment: $7,300

Prerequisite: All participants have took the MIOS Assessment, and participated in the foundational training "Complementary Teams with the Enneagram and Adizes PAEI roles".