One-on-One Executive Coaching Sessions with the Madanes Model

Serious about personal development? Welcome!

Powerful no-nonsense results oriented coaching that is completely tailored to each executive's unique personality type. It's a breakthrough approach for talent development, retentionandsuccess

Our executive coaching program is expertly designed to elevate leadership through enhanced emotional intelligence (EQ), a critical component in today's fast-paced corporate landscape. Leveraging the innovative Madanes model, our approach focuses on holistic emotional mastery, intertwining thoughts, emotions, and body awareness for a comprehensive personal and professional transformation.
We emphasize sustainable growth and impactful leadership, equipping you with advanced strategies for ongoing development. This program goes beyond just identifying strengths; it involves creating a strategic map to overcome barriers and achieve your set goals.


  • Our eight-session package is meticulously designed to provide comprehensive, personalized coaching, ensuring ample time for powerful skill development, reflection, and progression, leading to more substantial and lasting improvements.

  • Executive process of 8 sessions (2 1/2 months of work): $2,850 Purchase here