The MIOS Assessment: sensitive to both people and business needs.

Discover your inner and outer personality styles

A complete map of yourself

We live in a uniquely challenging era, with corporations facing continuous technological disruption. In this mercilessly competitive, fast-paced environment, finding, onboarding, developing and retaining our talent is becoming increasingly difficult. The MIOS assessment helps your organization face these challenges, by developing teams and people who are both emotionally intelligent and know how to collaborate in a complementary, diversified team of people, while maintaining a direct connection to what the business and its particular departments require and need. Included in this comprehensive, 20 page report:

  • An in-depth explanation of how you work and operate in the world: your externally visible behavior (PAEI roles) and what is driving it from within (Enneagram).

  • The competencies in which you are strong and how you contribute to your team and organization.

  • Areas of improvement and personalized coaching tips. Built by International Association of Coaching experts.

  • How you prefer to work, how you tend to make decisions and what style you use to resolve conflicts.

  • What motivates you, and what stresses you.

  • Tips to communicate better with others.

  • Tips for others to get to know you better and communicate better with you to other personality styles ... and much more.

How to purchase the MIOS for your team

For assistance with the purchase of packages and special promotions, you can contact Our team will help you so you can quickly and easily administer the assessment and get the reports for your teams.
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$795 per person

Bundle assessment plus feedback session


$715 per person


$595 per person