Corporate Training: Effective Meetings and Conversations

Eliminate inefficiencies, conflicts and wasted time, while enhancing the performance of each team member with powerful conversations that achieve the proposed objectives.

The ultimate managerial tool

Conversations and meetings are the management tool par excellence and are the means to achieve the team's goals.

In tum, they allow us to formulate, monitor and evaluate compliance with strategic and operational plans. If these conversations and meetings are effective, we will be able to install a collaborative work style oriented to results and to solving problems and that achieves the Integration of teams and people.

In this way, the team optimizes the use of its resources and capabilities. If this is not achieved, the “mistrust tax” is paid: a team whose members do not communicate well becomes inefficient and loses competitiveness. Tasks take longer, coordination is poor, and the team is unable to become a high-performance, learning, and collaborative space. Learn to reverse this and empower your team with the Madanes´ Enneagram and PAEI methodology.

  • How to give feedback to each team member according to their Enneagram type and Adizes roles.

  • How to conduct a PAEI meeting: beginning. development and closing. Roles that each Enneagram type prefers to fulfill in meetings.

  • How to promote the diversity of ideas and the participation in the conversation of different types of people, generating a climate of open and frank exchange of points of view that enriches the team and allows it to function in a complementary and optimal manner.

  • Do's and don'ts to keep the team engaged in meetings.

  • How to monitor and follow-up with the different personality types - to make sure each is executing an the assigned tasks and on time.


You will optimize communications vertically (with your superiors and subordinates) and horizontally (with your colleagues) using the Enneagram & PAEI model

How to communicate ideas with different types of people.

How to get the different people in the team to commit to the mission, goals, actions and results of the company.


One day training, live face-to-face (can be splitted into multiple days as needed).

For up to 30 participants in one group.

Investment: $7,300

Prerequisite: All participants have took the MIOS Assessment, and participated in the foundational training "Complementary Teams with the Enneagram and Adizes PAEI roles".